Is wearing a wig full time even though I have natural hair weird?

No, some people wear them like switching up a daily outfit. I do not know what your hair looks like but if it's curly, please identify YOUR hair type. I have a 3B curl type (Google 3B curl type) and you will see what I mean. No one can have hair like someone else, even if related. I am glad you took the decency to wear a wig if you didn't feel like doing your hair; some people don't give a hoot and will walk around like who did it, and why? Kudos to you lol. Try looking up a cut you want, the shorter, the more manageable it is. What about a Halle Berry cut? When I recommend this, please ensure your hair is tapered and fades on your neck. If you're going to allow it to grow out, at least trim it up. Some people have failed to understand that.

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